Embassy of The Republic of South Sudan in Washington DC
Embassy of The Republic of South Sudan in Washington DC

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Mon, Sep 22, 2014


Press Release


September 18, 2014 Washington DC: The Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan in Washington DC USA, would like to inform the general public about the Ministerial Order released by the Ministry of Public Service and Human Resource Development regarding regulation of the alien employment in South Sudan.

The Ministerial Order dated September 12th, 2014 stated that all Non-Governmental Organizations, Private Companies in general, Banks, Insurance Companies, Telecommunication Companies, Petroleum Companies, Hotel and Lodges working in South Sudan are directed to notify all the Aliens working with them in all the lower positions to cease working by October 15th, 2014. The government directed companies to inform the alien workers occupying the positions of executive secretaries; personnel Managers; secretaries; human resource managers; public relation officers; procurement officers; receptionist; front desk officers and protocol officers  to cease these positions in order to be filled by South Sudanese nationals.

The Ministerial Order was an executive move intended to improve employment chances for South Sudanese nationals in the private sector- in line with International Labor Organization (ILO), because the level of an employment has reached an alarming rate while the government would like to pursue lean government policies and encourage qualified South Sudanese nationals, especially the youth to get engaged productively in the private sector.

The government’s order excludes all United Nations agencies, diplomatic missions, and Organizations that signed bilateral agreements with the Republic of South Sudan. This order is only covering lower level positions existing in the various organizations and private companies.

South Sudan is not targeting or expelling the foreign workers, as it has been interpreted out of context by foreign media to mean expulsion of aliens from South Sudan. What the government is addressing is the lower level positions that can be occupied by the South Sudanese nationals. The technical or professional positions such as Head of Missions, Country Directors and finance controllers of any institution including banking, insurance companies, hotels and Non-Governmental Organizations are not included in this Order. The government of South Sudan intends to regulate the employment opportunities in the private sector, as it is the case in many countries worldwide and in line with the ILO standard.



Barely two years old, South Sudan is joining the modern world by emphasizing the role of digital media in its international politics. It is with this emphasis that the Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan in Washington DC has decided to go digital in hopes of providing basic information and answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding South Sudan.

South Sudan is ready to make its imprint in the digital world and the launch of this website is a major step towards achieving that goal.

Akec Khoc Aciew

South Sudan National Anthem

In August 2010, South Sudanese were invited to compose a national anthem.

After three rounds of competition, University of Juba students won with their lyrics titled "South Sudan Oyee" (Hurray)