Embassy of The Republic of South Sudan in Washington DC
Embassy of The Republic of South Sudan in Washington DC


Sun, Oct 27, 2013

Leer County Universities Students Body Congratulates Mr. Manaseh Liep ..

 In reference to the above subject, we the body of Leer County students in Universities and Higher institutes Association would like to extent our congratulatory messages to H.E Manaseh Liep Reek for winning the confidence of the state Governor as well as DokNuer people for him to get appointed as beloved Leer county commissioner.


Consequently, we the Leer (Doknuer) Students across the country and all over the world are grateful to have Mr. Manaseh Liep Reek as our county commissioner due to his strong commitment in peace building among the entire DokNuer people of Unity State. We are expecting your tenure to be fruitful to our community Mr. Commissioner, while serving as our leader by maintaining Peace and prosperous living to our community as well as the whole state (Unity).


We are committed to standing firm by your side since you are an active hard working man.


Our special thanks also goes to H.E Unity state governor Dr Nguen Munytuil Wicjang for appointing Mr. Balung Riak Dong, the state minister for Ministry of Agriculture and forestry, and the Rest officials in the state government which hails from Beloved former Greater Leer ( Southern Area)and the than Leer county.


We wish the newly appointed commissioner of Leer County a Happy stewardship in his duty. Now the dream has come true as it has been said that Better Late than Never, the appointed commissioner has been working voluntarily maintaining the Unity of the entire community, but now He is appointed at last, therefore, he deserves to be our commissioner. May almighty father be with you Mr. Commissioner from every step of Development you would take?


Note: All the above views are attributed to the association of L.C.S.U.H.I


Long Live people of Leer
Long live People of Unity State
Long live people of South Sudan

Gattiek Nhial Marop is a chairman of Leer county Students association in Universities and Higher Institutes; he lives in Juba, South Sudan. He can be reached on: 0955825295, 0955585362, or 0929696008


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South Sudan National Anthem

In August 2010, South Sudanese were invited to compose a national anthem.

After three rounds of competition, University of Juba students won with their lyrics titled "South Sudan Oyee" (Hurray)